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Poker chose me to be her slave when I was but a boy. For the first 15 years of servitude, I complained bitterly about the pain and injustice of it all. Then I became a professional poker player in 1990 and over the next 15 years, I started to see that everything is always fair. And now I thank poker, my tormentor, for this and hundreds more life lessons.

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Elements of Poker

Elements of Poker by Tommy Angelo
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Elements of Poker is the best poker book I've ever read. - Jay Rosenkrantz
Finally I have a legitimate reason to buy an iPad.
- Phil Galfond, about the ebook release of Elements of Poker

Beyond statistics, beyond whether to raise, call, or fold, Elements of Poker reveals a new world of profitability for your bankroll and your life.

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A Rubber Band Story and Other Poker Tales

What's in this book?

Three hours later, I had finished reading all fifty-five of Tommy Angelo's stories. In short, they are fantastic. - Matt Lessinger
Despite the title, rubber bands play a very small role in this collection of poker lessons disguised as well-told stories.
- Some guy named Ken


is an award-winning video series I made with Wayne Lively and Rob Cole. It's about less tilt, more focus, less suffering, and more money.

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My next book: Painless Poker

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