It’s been three years since my book Elements of Poker came out. Since then, I have received many emails that go something like this:

Dear Tommy,

If you don’t make Elements of Poker available as an eBook soon, I am going to nail my head to the floor.

Your fan,

Pat Hand

Welp, it’s done. The EOP eBook now exists. And here are just some of the things people are saying about it:

This saves me the embarrassment of requesting a large-print edition. — Lee Jones

Finally I have a legitimate reason to buy an iPad. — Phil Galfond

I like the print version better. — Johannes Gutenberg

Are you looking for the perfect gift for every poker player? Are you curious as to why Jay Rosenkrantz and Arthur Reber claim that EOP is the best poker book ever written? Do you suffer from eTilt? Then you should by all means click on one of these retailer links that go straight to their EOP page:

Kobo At Kobo, you can give a specific eBook as a gift.  The others offer gift cards. Many customer reviews of EOP are at Amazon


Barnes and Noble