Whale Down

The opening statement about blue whales at Wikipedia reduces to:

“The Blue whale is a marine mammal. At over 108 ft. in length and 200 tons in weight, it is the largest animal ever known to have existed.”

Kathleen and I spent a recent day with some friends along the beaches and woods near Pescadero. We were in a random parking lot when a random woman asked me randomly, “Have you seen the dead blue whale? It’s about a mile south of here.”

Minutes later, we were about a mile south of there.

The next picture was our first view. The whale is in the middle of the photo.




The next two shots won the awards for smelliest photos. The stench was unlike any other I had been gagged by. It wasn’t the fish-decaying-in-the-wild smell. I know that one. This was more like the ocean’s version of barnyard bio-rot, stinky for sure, but soon becoming not all that offensive.


In the next shot, the dark matter in front is rock. Everything else is whale.


The end: