ZZZ Game

Today I would like to share an email I received from my friend Gary Christy.

Gary wrote:

After work last night. Exhausted. Sleepy. Decided to give my poker itch the most minimal scratch—an $11 turbo sit-n-go. Folded twenty or so hands… and fell asleep in my chair, head slumping. My speakers were off, so I wasn’t awakened by any beeps or anything… but I did wake up eventually. There were four of us remaining—I was on the bubble! I was low stack, of course, and my big blind was coming up next. Two red Kings! Wow, what timing! Flop black rags, turn black blank, river black deuce.

Turns out, his pocket deuces were red, too. 

You convinced me to work on my A game. You urged me to work on my C game… but you never warned me about my ZZZ game.