Max Attack

If playing poker and coaching poker and writing about poker don’t work out for me, I think I could get a job as a wildlife photographer. As my resume, I would submit the spectacular sequence of photographs you are about to see.

To be an expert in this field, you must have incredible patience. You must anticipate accurately, and react instantly. These are skills I have honed at the poker table, and I believe they would serve me well in the wild. For example, on the day I took these pictures, I cunningly opened the front door, knowing that this would lure Max the Cat out onto his favorite hunting ground.

I crouched down and hid behind my iphone, in perfect position to take the perfect action shot of the kill strike. I can barely bear the anticipation even now, just writing about it.


In the photograph above, we see the prey being lulled into complacency by the uncanny ability of the hunter to slip into his satori, just moments before the lunge. Below, the mighty beast vanishes like the wind.




Sated, and victorious, the vanquisher retracts:


In full and constant awareness, the being turns quickly to a new sound: