Living in the Mission Impossible

I’ve been doing some piano recording here at home the last few months. Most of it is short bits of music that I’m inserting between segments of a poker video series called The Eightfold Path to Poker Enlightenment that you can read about (and download the music) here: EPTPE

I’m posting now about one of those inserts.

Most of the recordings are of one piano played with two hands. On some of them, like the one you are about to hear, I did some overdubbing. The link below is to an mp3 that is ten seconds long. It’s one piano, played with one hand, four times, plus a shaker.

So much for the man behind the curtain. What I’m really here to share is a nifty musical rhythmic thing. The Mission Impossible theme music can be conceptualized as having 10 beats per measure, broken down into groups of three beats and two beats, thus:

3-3-2-2 / 3-3-2-2 / 3-3-2-2 / etc.

It so happens that the song “Living in the Past” by Jethro Tull has the same distinctive timing. And the music of these two songs – the notes themselves – happen to meld well. So here comes the Mission Impossible bassline and the Living in the Past melody at the same time. Ready? GO!

Click here to hear it.