The Olive Oil Calorie Caper

The label on the spray can says zero calories per serving. But it’s a can with nothing in it but olive oil. But they said no calories. But how can that be? Olive oil has calories. Really good ones. But wait. The label has still more to say. In addition to there being no calories, there are especially no calories from fat. Okay, that does it. There’s a mystery here needing to be solved.

Let’s zoom in on the fine print here…

Servings per container: 421

Now there’s a curious number. The total amount of olive oil in the can is only five ounces. How, dare we ask, are the label makers defining the word “serving?”

Serving size: About 1/3 second spray (.27g).

It seems that in labelland, one serving of olive oil, when administered on the nanoscale, is about 1/4 gram, which is such a tiny amount that the nutrition data all round to zero. Where did the calories go? They fell through the granularity. The main thing is, at least now I know why I have to keep spraying and spraying to get the right amount of olive oil out.