Arthur Reber

My friend Arthur Reber has given me many things. He has given me aha moments with his big-picture perspectives, particularly in the way be explains the origins and causes of various human behaviors and attitudes. He has given me many smiles, mostly with his wit, and also with the way he gets tilty over poker even though his understanding of tilt is so rich and deep. (This always reminds me that there is always more to know, and that knowledge is not the cure.) And now, with his pen, he has given me the greatest gift that one writer can give to another… being cited!

Arthur writes for I’d like to share three articles he has written that are related to things I have written.

The first one is about a simple, explorable concept I termed “reciprocality.”


The second is one is about quitting.

And the third is a review of my book. (One look at the title of this article and you’ll see the real reason I call Arthur a friend. Shhh. Don’t let him know that. He still thinks it’s because of his jokes.)