Requesting Some Lingo Update Help

Sometimes my poker articles start with an idea, then comes some text, and somewhere along the way a title shows up. Other times I start with a title that I really like and then I come up with something to put underneath it. This post is about one of those. Here’s a title I came up with that has been waiting for an article:

He Beat Me With a Club

And now I’ve decided what the article will be about. It’ll be a lingo article. I do one of those every few years or so. This one will be about new words that have shown up in the poker lexicon since the 2003 poker explosion. Right now I’m collecting them. If you can think of some, please send them to me! You can either leave a reply here at my blog, or in this thread at DeucesCracked, or send me an email at Thanks!

I have a list started already. Here are a few words from it:

Donkaments — I don’t know what this word means but I’ve heard it a lot.
Float — a type of call at no-limit.
Stack — It’s new usage is as a verb, meaning to win the other guy’s stack (or lose your own) at no-limit or pot-limit. (ex: I love to stack that guy.)
Felt — as a verb, means the same as Stack.

I’m looking forward to having some fun putting this article together. Here’s a replay from an old article of mine of a passage that was the most fun I’ve ever had writing anything. It’s from “Broken Down English.”

Play along with me here, and try to imagine you are a regular person. Pretend you have no idea what words like “fold” and “diamonds” mean to a poker player. Then one day you overhear this story being told:

“Some guy limped in with rags, suited up. I woke up with two cowboys, so I popped him. I’d been beating him up all night. He was stuck like a pig and tilting bad. So he came back at me. I put the cap on, of course. I hit my hand hard when a king flopped along with two clubs. Then I picked up a house on fourth street. And if that wasn’t good enough, he flushed up on the river and started pounding me!”