Down on sixth street…

Here’s one of my favorite smart-ass poker quips. I’ve heard it a couple dozen times. And every time, it was the same person who said it: Walt Z. He’d say it right after a really big pot got played at no-limit. On its own I guess it’s not all that great a line. But the way he said it, his tone, and his timing, it always landed just right.

He would only say it when these situational parameters had been met:

  1. The person who lost the pot had to be someone who had a strong tendency to tilt long and hard after losing a pot just like the pot he just lost.
  2. The person who won the pot had to be a really bad player. A bonus parameter – not required, but it definitely made the remark ring even more true – was if the bad player who won the pot would have either been tapped out and on the way home had he lost, or nearly so.

I think I’ve said it a few times, back before I stopped saying stuff. Now I just think it. And I’ve thought it hundreds and hundreds of times. The line is: “That didn’t hurt the game any.”