Those Who Can, Do. Those Who Cant, Teach.

There’s a home game I play in a couple times per year. It’s all Silicon Valley software/computer/programmer/designer/digitally-hard-wired-since-birth geniuses. And they play poker good too. And the way they see the world and analyze things, it’s just a joy to be around. I feel myself becoming smarter just being near them.

A couple months ago I went to my first home game with these guys since my book came out. They were asking me some questions about the coaching I do, and I was telling some stories, and I got a hint from one of them that he was on the verge of saying – with a smile of course – the famous jibe, “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.”

I preempted him. I said, “Y’know, right from the start of opening my coaching business, I knew I was going to want to have a snappy reply for when someone said, ‘Those who can, do. And those who can’t, teach.’ The first few years, I couldn’t think of anything. Then, finally, I thought of the perfect comeback.”

At this moment, I had everyone’s attention. One of them said, “Okay, so let’s hear it!”

I said, “I just say – ‘Go fuck yourself.’”

We all had a very big laugh.